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Can you trust the ``zestimate``?

Question: Is Zillow Right About My Home Value?

Zillow says my home is worth a lot more than the King County tax assessment says. Of course I want to believe Zillow (and still keep my taxes low). Is Zillow right?

Answer: Maybe, maybe not – the margin of error is too big to tell for sure.

According to Zillow’s reporting, a certain percentage of the time (a little over 60% of the time, depending on the city) the “zestimate” is within 10% of the actual sale price of a home. In some cities, their zestimates are more accurate than others. But that margin of error is just too much for you to be able to use that value when listing your home. See “How Much Is My Home Worth?” for more info on the complex question of identifying your current home value.

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