Got Questions About Selling Your Seattle Home? I've Got Answers!

Sellers come to me all the time with questions about selling their Seattle home – and the answer almost always comes down to selling strategy. I put together a list of some of the questions I hear most often. Click each question to see a more detailed explanation. Want more info, or have more questions? Contact me!

Question: When Is The Best Time to Sell My Home in Seattle?

Answer: Now might be a great time to sell! It depends on your market.

Question: How Much Is My House Worth?

Answer: This depends on a lot of different factors, from big ticket items to more cosmetic aspects of your home.

Question: What’s The Best Way For My Elderly Parents To Downsize?

Answer: The most important thing is to know your options.

Question: My Neighbors Are Selling – Should I Wait To Sell My Home?

Answer: It all comes down to value.

Question: Is Zillow Right About My Home Value?

Answer: Maybe, maybe not – the margin of error is too big to tell for sure.

Question: What If I Need To Sell My Current House First Before I Can Buy?

Answer: You may have more options than you realize!

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