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Question: What’s The Best Way For My Elderly Parents To Downsize?

My mom will probably be moving into assisted living in the next couple of years.

Should she give her house to us children now?

Should she sell it to us?

None of us actually wants to live in it, and we don’t know what’s best for her.

Answer: The most important thing is to know your options when it comes to taking care of elderly family members.

First of all, you need to know what the best options are as far as places for your elderly parents to live – assisted living, adult family home, 55+ retirement communities, in-home care, and other options could all work for your family depending on your circumstances. But as far as selling the house, you or your parents should really talk to someone who specializes in long term care planning, because the home selling strategy you choose should depend on your parents’ financial and physical circumstances.

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