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The annual Cost vs Value for Remodeling Projects report is out, and once again the Pacific states region seemed to recoup the most value per cost spent. We averaged about 88%. To give you a more specific idea of what this means – a small project like a new front door (steel), which costs about $1200, will increase the resale value of your house by at least that much. Hard to imagine how such a small increment is measured? I thought so too! But a “minor kitchen remodel” of roughly $20,000 will also recoup about that much in increased resale value. That figure is much easier for us – as real estate brokers – to see, and agree with. Click here to see the top 10 projects, nationally, where increased value most closely reflects the cost. And click here to see the list of all 35 common projects that were included by remodelers. You can search by Washington/Seattle – and see how it compares with other parts of the country.

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My clients and friends have shared great referrals of remodeling contractors they have used. Check out the referral directory I put together hereContact me to be put in touch with both the contractors and people who’ve used them! And if you’d like a second opinion on the value your project might add, I’m all yours.

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